Storytime classes no longer run in a 5-week series, as each class will require separate registration. Online registration is required to secure a spot for your child for most storytimes and programming. Registration opens exactly two weeks prior to the start of the class.

Note: Some classes will continue to be drop-in opportunities that do not require registration. These classes will either have “Drop-in” as part of their title or be notated in the program description.

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Storytime Class Descriptions

Designed for young children and their caregivers, library storytimes engage participants with fun, dynamic early learning activities. Children and their caregivers share books, songs and action rhymes, practice early numeracy, engage in fine motor skill activities, and celebrate each child’s unique personality and learning style. 

Storytimes support healthy, play-based learning, and whole-child development and foster early literacy and social-emotional skills that are essential for school and reading readiness.

Baby Rhyme​​​ Time 

Bond with your infant and build early language skills through rhymes, repetition, and music. Your child will enjoy quality board books and one-on-one book sharing. Ages 3-12 months with caregiver.

Onesies Rhyme Time 

Help build early language skills as your child moves from crawling to walking. Storytimes include rhymes, books, and hands-on activities to build pre-reading and large motor skills. Ages 12-24 months with caregiver.

Combined Rhyme Time 

Build early language and large motor skills through rhyme, songs, book sharing and hands-on activities with your child. Ages 6-24 months with caregiver.

Just 2s

Boost independence and develop social skills using writing activities, basic concepts (i.e., colors, shapes, letters, etc.), large muscle movement, and social-emotional learning opportunities focusing on the whole child. Age 2 with a caregiver.

​3s Please 

Build confidence and independence with an increased focus on more complex books, emphasizing alphabet and letter recognition, shapes, and hands-on activities. Age 3 with caregiver.

Combined Preschool 

Help prepare your child to enter school ready to read! This storytime includes books, rhymes, and literacy activities that emphasize alphabet and letter recognition plus activities that support independence and confidence building. Ages 3-5 with a caregiver.

​On My Own 

Designed for newly independent preschoolers, this storytime features books, rhymes and literacy-based activities that will help prepare your child to enter school ready to read. Ages 4-5 without a caregiver in storytime room.